Alan Kaplan’s photographs reveal the global interconnectedness between human beings-using a secret language and shared moments to send a strong message, enabling his clients to directly engage their audiences. Alan’s work invites viewers to participate in the experience-where he seldom favors caricature over character. Is that shocking or unfamiliar? In today’s advertising, marketing, and social media, it is– but that’s what allows his campaigns to resonate universally.

Unfettered by demographic, Alan’s ideas have intrinsic meaning that transcend direction and capitalize on serendipity. “It’s much more effective to allow the unexpected and capture the interstitial humanity,” says Alan. “Those brief seconds that will create a profound ‘shock of recognition’ with the viewer–that’s what I capture. That’s what we create.” In Alan’s work, he seizes on existing and burgeoning relationships to create real situations and often casts people who embody them. His current clients include Orange Communications, PNC Bank, Qwest, Jack Daniels, T-Mobile, Yahoo!, American Express, Nokia, Miller Coors, Nestea, Microsoft, and Citibank.

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